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A Pan-African Approach


Global Pacific have worked in partnership with ASRIC for many years so when it was clear that COVID-19 was a global issue, it was clear that only a joined up approach would stand any chance of meeting the challenges faced by the world. 

The pandemic has taken its toll on the world, and whilst Africa has appeared to have a comparatively low infection rate, there are growing voices that claim this is more due to information supression than evidential fact. Global Pacific have helped ASRIC in the formulation of policies and guidelines aimed at assessing and then limiting the impact this global situation has on Africa's food and nutrition security, to ensure the wellbeing of all Africa's citizens. Global Pacific's expertise allowed ASRIC to quickly develop an Afro-centric response to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, building on Africa's abundant indigenous knowledge rooted in ethno geographicl and cultural characteristics.

  1. SQL Server Based Modelling - Africa has a growing talent pool with Microsoft technologies, and so SQL Server is a natural mechanism to allow rapid growth in home grown, home managed data and information.
  2. Collaborative - Being pan-African, and non-partisan, ASRIC is universally trusted to ensure supportable, evidence based approaches are taken forward by all countries across the continent.
  3. Trustworthy - Partnering with Global Pacific ASRIC are able to prove their credentials with all member nations without concerns of bias or small block partisanship.

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