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Rapid Response

The Cochrane Collaboration

Cambridge University researchers, in conjunction with Ugandan colleagues quickly adapted a mobile AIDS support tool to help the Ugandian Ministry of Health to monitor and support those in quarantine.  

In Uganda, just as in large parts of the world, people are being told to quarantine for varying periods during COVID-19. Cambridge University's research team with colleagues based at Makerere University were able to quickly repurpose their mobile phone based AIDS support tool to facilitate the monitoring of quarantined entrants to the country. Voice and SMS messages keep in contact with the users and mean that monitors can cover far larger areas than would otherwise have been possible, thus reducing the stresses on the Ugandan health system through fewer unecessary hospital visits.

  1. Mobile Technologies - Mobile application technology allows vast areas to be monitored by fewer people than traditional in-person visits.
  2. Collation- Having rapid access to data from disparate regions means that data can be collated quickly and patterns identified much faster than would have otherwise been possible.
  3. Future Proofing - By being able to repurpose these tools quickly, Uganda is more than well prepared for any future COVID-19 spikes or any othe national emergency situations.

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